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Now is the time to put your budding photographer skills to the test!

TOP 10 TIPS when selling your car | Photo guidance:

  1. Listings that include detailed images of the condition of the vehicle often sell for more.
  2. Always take your photos in daylight hours.
  3. Try and take all your photos in ‘Landscape’ view.
  4. Take your time and avoid blurred images.
  5. Imagine yourself buying the car – what would you want to see?
  6. Ensure your vehicle is clean enough to identify any damage – don’t be caught out on collection day!
  7. Use the flash. In darker conditions, make sure you turn the flash option on so that it’s easier to see what’s in the image.
  8. Not too close-up and not too far away. Make sure the subject fits in the frame of the photograph wherever possible.
  9. Optional extras – make sure you photograph any additional features above the car’s standard specifications.
  10. Choose a dry day so that buyers can easily see the  condition of the bodywork.

Photos required :

  • Exterior views – minimum 6 images from different angles and sides of the vehicle
  • Interior views – minimum 6 images from front, rear seats, dashboard, boot, engine bay.
  • Wheels & Tyres – 1 photo of each wheel front and tyre tread (8 in total)
  • Damage – Take any photos of scratches, dents, scuffs or damage. Close-up and further away so that the scale of the damage is easy to see.
  • Service documentation – Take photos of the service book and/or invoices from work carried out on your vehicle.

Examples :